Ad Units that fit your app

We believe choosing the right ads can actually improve users' experience. That's why we offer most standard ad units and then some.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads have great ROI numbers, although they are as old as the hills! The certainty of results is what makes our clients choose this non-invasive Ad Unit. It occupies a part of the screen while the user is still in play action. This means greater contact time and better absorbance of the ad's content.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial (Fullscreen) Ads use ten times the space of traditional Banners. They deliver 8x higher eCPM and up to 7x higher conversion rates. Revmob’s Interstitials are available in both portrait and landscape modes.

Native Button Ads

The Native Button is a non-intrusive Ad Unit that seamlessly integrates with your UX, since it will be designed and placed by you. A click on the Native Button redirects the user straight to the application store, generating high eCPMs. Since it’s not a display Ad Unit, it does not compete with your existing placements, so you can have a Fullscreen or a Banner placed with a Native Button and the user won't be confused or get a spammy feel from your app.

Native Ads

In Native Ads, the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. It can be used in the middle of a feed for maximum performance, generating a high CTR and yielding far-above-average results. When well-implemented, native ads don't bother the users, but instead delight them. While its most-used in social and news apps, this ad unit can also be tailored to be used in gaming, maps, and many more kinds of apps.

Video Ads

Take advantage of our high impact video ads to promote your brand and apps.

Higher eCPM

Video ads tend to pay better than static Interstitials because users interact more with the ad.

Better CTR

Tests with partners have shown that Video ads can increase your CTR up to 50%!

Improved CVR

Your CVR can also be increased up to 60%, since users will see the app in action!

Rewarded Video Ads

A video ad the user chooses to watch in exchange for a reward, for example a new feature or more credits in the game.

Higher eCPM

Rewarded Video ads yield the highest eCPMs because users have to opt-in. They'll watch the ad to get the reward!

Increased Engagement

By giving them extra lifes/currency, users are more likely to stay in your app instead of moving on.

Customizable Ads

With Revmob Rewarded Video ads, you have full control over the message, reward and timing of the ad.