Frequently Asked Questions

It's our priority to help you out. Make sure to check our FAQs below, and don't hesitate to get in touch. If you already have a Revmob account, log in and check out our Support Page made specially for you!

Revmob is a leading mobile ad network that allow clients to advertise their products and brands on mobile apps worldwide.

a. How do I create an account at Revmob?
b. How do I advertise my product on Revmob?
c. How does the bidding system work at Revmob?

You can find detailed information about your campaigns on your dashboard. If you’re looking to create a new campaign or manage an already existing one, this is where you should be.

a. Can I manage my account on a self-service basis?
b. Can I manage my campaigns through an API?
c. Which ad units does Revmob support?
d. Which payment methods does Revmob support?
e. Does Revmob support Javascript tags?

You can find Revmob's Terms and Conditions here.

a. How do I create an account at Revmob?

Revmob supports all standard IAB ad units and more. And you never need to worry about what will be shown in your apps - we are very rigorous in finding the most appropriate ad for your users!

a. Which ad units does Revmob support?
b. What kind of ads will appear in my app/site?
c. Can I filter ads that I don’t want to show within my app/site?
d. How do I earn money displaying ads?

At the end of every month, the revenue your apps generated will be accounted for in your next payment, which happens on a Net 30 basis (that is, you receive the amount earned 30 days after the month has ended). 
There are currently three payment options: Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer. Paypal and Payoneer have a minimum threshold of US$50 for payments, while the value for wires is $250.
We will only process payments if payment details have been updated (if necessary) until the 20th day of the current month. If there is no information, the amount will be added to the next month's revenue and you will receive it with the next month's payment.

You can find Revmob's Terms and Conditions here.